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Fever training opportunity in Portugal for undergraduate students 2020

Fever training
Fever training opportunity in Portugal for undergraduate students 2020

Fever training opportunity in Portugal for undergraduate students 2020

Training details:

Country: Portugal, Lisbon
Donor: Fever Company
Training period: two months
Type of training: Part Time
The required stage: Bachelor
Is experience required: not required
Available countries: Training is available to all students from all countries of the world
End of submission: 31 August 2020
Note: English language proof of certification is not required (but must have knowledge of the English language)

Specializations required for training:

Business studies
Management science
Communication and Information Sciences

Training features:

Opportunity advantages
Financial compensation
Monthly salary
Provide meals
Provide accommodation
It covers transportation costs
Providing health insurance
Earn experience
Participate in the daily work of the company
Obtaining a training certificate
Professional training
Team building events

What is the benefit of training?

Marketing strategy development
Create social media campaigns
Developing a communication strategy
Caring for our fan pages

About the training:

One of the main challenges for young graduates today is the transition from education to the labor market, and hence the high rate of unemployment among unsustainable youth in many European Union countries. At the same time, employers are highly valued for work experience, and therefore early labor market experience such as training, training, and vocational training is useful to facilitate youth access to the labor market.
However, the lack of clear quality guidelines undermines the main purpose of training, internships and apprenticeships which is to give practical skills to young people.

In this context, the European Quality Charter for Internships and Apprenticeships was created, an initiative of the European Youth Forum.
The European Youth Forum (YFJ) is a platform for youth organizations in Europe. Young, independent and democratic, it represents 99 National Youth Councils and international youth organizations from across the continent. Erasmus Student Network (ErasmusIntern Provider) as an international student organization, has been a member of YFJ since 2010.

The European Quality Charter for Internship and Apprenticeships establishes the fundamental quality principles of vocational training and training to become a valuable and quality experience throughout Europe.

It was developed in close cooperation with various stakeholders: unions, companies and institutions to ensure that this quality framework becomes a reality for all young Europeans.

Benefits of training:

Is to design training so that it cares about learning goals; Where training programs need specific goals that trainers must achieve, and are linked to the basic skills that trainers need to succeed in their jobs.

It is an effective feature of all training programs; It is also concerned with activating the role of participation among all individuals participating in it, and this participation depends on the implementation of exercises and sessions that help to enhance cooperation between the trainees. Through the implementation of many roles and activities that include problem solving.
An opportunity to exchange experiences:
 Where the training is concerned with the exchange of experiences between the trainees. This contributes to enhancing understanding of new concepts that can be reviewed and discussed.

Fun training tool:
 Since training makes learning and teaching great fun, it may depend on using games or carrying out creative activities. This contributes to enhancing the trainees' enjoyment as they learn new skills.



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